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                                                                          Saving your Money by Proper Maintenance and Repair

Cedar roofs are valuable, their value are about 500% compared with shingle roofs.  Besides their elegant or classic appearance on the houses, another special feature of cedar roofs is: the life time of cedar roofs can be forever, if they are with proper maintenance and repair.  

Cedar roofs older than 10 years need to inspection and maintenance work every 5 years.  Over the years, some pieces of cedar pieces are crack or rotten out.  These broken pieces need to be replaced with proper methods; otherwise, the adjacent pieces will be damage soon, NOT proper repair jobs even cause more harm.  So the maintenance or repair cost will be built up fast.  Finally,
the overall condition of the roofs become too bad, most pieces will be broken, then it will be no choice but to replace the whole roofs.

Even your roofs are not look too bad and not leaking now, to minimize your long term cost, we suggest you to get an maintenance work.  Although your roofs have some leakage, you may still possible only spend small amount of money for repairs.  In some cases, we can even repair roofs older than 25 years age.

 We give free roof inspection.  We will negotiate with you for the solution, according to the condition of your roof and your budget .  We charge by piece work----the pieces that we replace on your roofs.

We aimed at keeping the value of your cedar roofs with minimum maintenance / repair cost.  Please give us a call, you have nothing to lost but to save your roofs.