We are proud of being able to exceed customers' expectation. 

Our landscaping constructions are under life time warranties.  Even many years has passed after our work were completed, they are still in good conditions.
Our cedar roof work is guaranteed to save your long term repair cost and to avoid roof replacement.

award winning picture published by Calgary Sun  on May 16, 2007, and some of my roofing job memories

To all potential customers:

​For you can get the good quality work you deserve, please go on BBB Calgary official web site, search our company name to verify our phone number.  We have only one phone number.  Any one with different phone number is NOT from our company.

You should also confirm with BBB about any business that claims to have BBB accreditation.

Mile Stone:

We started as a landscaping company, named “Fortune Lawn and Garden Services”

We won the “Alberta Provincial Skills Competition”

the Better Business Bureau accredited us with the letter grading A.  

the Better Business Bureau changed our letter grading to A+.
We expand Roofing activity.   And for most customers, we use “Fortune Property Services and Construction” as our trade name.


About the Owner Operator and the Business

Business owner: Yifeng Huang, Nickname: Andy.   Bachelor of Commerce, Saint May’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia

I only have four year experiences when I started the business.  However, I won the Alberta Provincial Skills Competition in 2007, and I had the best BBB rating.

Factor of success:  Team Work Effect and Business Management Intelligence

From my previous work, I have obtained the basis knowledge for a skill trade company.   I knew some very good supervisors.  I could get advice from the people with higher skills.   Furthermore, I had the wisdom of business management from my university education.  As a result, I could achieve the expertise higher than my own attitude.

Now, in roofing activity, some people questioned about my ability.  My response: I had learnt roofing from winter employments.   Applying the same management method, with 10 year experiences; I would do even better.   And we can NOT risk our reputation with any potential bad jobs.

I enclosed with my award winning picture published on May 16, 2007 Calgary Sun  and my some of roofing on job memories.

Yifeng Huang  (Andy)

Business Owner