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Some years ago, they built a new, large, elevated deck for us, in place of the old and rotten one. They used the best materials. It is still sturdy and nice looking after all the years. They have been taking care of the slope in our back yard, and helping us in small projects satisfactorily.

by Loretta C. on Jun. 25, 2016

Is it an investment or an expense to buy a real estate property?   How about paying a contractor to build a construction object? 

If you hire the wrong contractor, you may end up with being worse than having an expense.    The problems will occur soon.   To repair an object, in most cases, the only way is to tear down the old piece and to rebuild it.  You pay again, plus the removal fee.  If you do not want to fix it, the value of your property drops.

We do our jobs right and offer extensive warrants to our construction projects .   We have no complains in our BBB record.   And please see some examples of our customers have the best value of their investment.

I am very happy with the services provided by Fortune Lawn & Garden Services, Mr. Andy *****. Andy rebuilt my collapsed retaining wall in my backyard at a reasonable price and the job was done very well and finished on time. Andy told me that the bricks that were used were not the best kind for this retaining wall. In order to keep the price low, he had to use the original bricks but made an extra effort to make the wall to perform its function. A twenty years warranty was provided. The price that he quoted me at the beginning was not changed throughout the whole job.

by Gary Y. on Jun. 25, 2016