Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, contributed to the America Civil War, was poor in his childhood.  He wished he could be rich when he grew up, so he would be able to make his lawn as green as his neighbour's. 

Here comes a question:  Why rich people's lawn is greener?  First of all, the lawn has to be built to a certain standard.  Without a good construction, the lawn will never be as green.  Secondly, it is the proper maintenance, such as lawn mowing, fertilizing etc.. All the works must be done in certain ways.

Rich people sure want to spend money to increase their enjoyment of lives.  You may think you are not as rich, so is it worth for you to spend money on your garden?  In Chinese Feng Shui theory, good environments, especially the yard / lawn and garden enhances the households' fortune, especially in their wealth.  So the good environment influences the rich people get richer.

The landscaping nowadays are very affordable.  You will get more than your money back if you hire the right contractors for high standard projects.    Some people may think landscaping are just to stack all the soil, grass, bricks, etc. together; they may think anyone can research on internet to find some ways to do any projects.  In reality, a lot of details in every procedure of the construction.  The real experts would never like to tell anybody about the secretes in their workmanship.  

We are the landscaping expert.  We know the secrete in the trade and always give the best standard projects to our customers.  We have guaranteed  our customers with the best value since 2006.


Investment vs Expenses

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Is it an investment or an expense to buy a real estate property?   How about paying a contractor to build a construction object? 

If you hire the wrong contractor, you may end up with being worse than having an expense.    The problems will occur soon.   To repair an object, in most cases, the only way is to tear down the old piece and to rebuild it.  You pay again, plus the removal fee.  If you do not want to fix it, the value of your property drops.

We do our jobs right and offer extensive warrants to our construction projects .   We have no complains in our BBB record.  From our review page, please see some examples of our customers have the best value of their investment.