Is it an investment or an expense to buy a real estate property?   How about paying a contractor to build a construction object? 

If you hire the wrong contractor, you may end up with being worse than having an expense.    The problems will occur soon.   To repair an object, in most cases, the only way is to tear down the old piece and to rebuild it.  You pay again, plus the removal fee.  If you do not want to fix it, the value of your property drops.

We do our jobs right and offer extensive warrants to our construction projects .   From our review page, please see some examples of our customers have the best value of their investment.

We do our jobs right and offer extensive warrants to our construction projects. 


we guarantee it will be healthy and no weed, as long as you hire us to do the maintenance.  Even you do not hire us for maintenance, you still be able to keep your lawn being good with mininum amount of maintenance work.

Retaining Wall, Patio and Flower bed:    We guarantee 20 years. 

Some customers have asked me, "For how long you can guarantee the retaining wall?  I want a written warranty."  My answer: "It could be be good for your life time, say 50 years or more.  How many years you want me to write it on the warranty?" Customers, " I have heard of other people`s retaining walls fallen apart one to two years after they were built.  I do not expect my retaining wall can last 50 years, it would be very nice if you can guarantee it for 15 to 20 years." My answer, "Sure, I can give you a warranty for 20 years."

Since we open our business in 2006, every retaining wall, patio and flower bed (of we built) is still in good condition until today.  Every customer is happy to see the project looks as good as it were completed two weeks ago.

Fence and Deck: We guarantee 15 years

As long as the woods is NOT rotten, the fence and deck will be strong.  If you give good maintenance in the woods, the fence and deck can be good for more than more than 15 years

Shrub and Tree: We guarantee it will be health after we plant it for you.  If not, we buy new shrub and tree to replant it for you.

These are just some examples of our warranties.  If you have any concern, please feel free to ask for what we can offer for your project.  We have been able to achieved BBB rating of A+ by our work quality; we are proud to to stand behind our warranty with our reputation.


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